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© Ricky Tims

Ricky is an award-winning quilter, multi-talented musician, and teacher of an exciting variety of workshops.

Ricky says:

"'Passage'" was created for the cover art on the compact disk with the same name. The open door symbolizes the entrance to a new place and the mystery which lies beyond."


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Saturday Night Salsa
© Karen Flamme

Karen makes contemporary art quilts and hand-dyes many of her own fabrics.

Karen says:

"The bad fabric we were given to work with made this salsa fest quilt challenge even more of a challenge than most. But when I cut the fabric up, eating salsa became dancing salsa, and I enjoy the result: a hot Saturday night, complete with dancing peppers and howling dog."




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© Sindy Crosby

Sindy and her husband do a wide variety of interesting magical crafts.

Sindy says:

"The magic here was in the form of stress-relief from this year's brutal winter in New England. I put this one in my bedroom, so I can wake up to a warm sunrise and cleanse the winter away!"






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© Sindy Crosby

Sindy took a photo of Majix contemplating this quilt. See the larger image page to view the photo.

Sindy says:

"I just finished this quilt for my sister for Christmas 2000. She has a black cat named Shady Lady, and her home revolves around black cat figures. Right after I finished the quilt, I hung it up to take a picture, and my cat Majix sat for quite a while, staring at it in appreciation."




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Patch Pumpkin
© Jennifer Carson


Jennifer is a Halloween addict.

Jennifer says:

"It was either quilt or write, and I had all these scraps, so I made a pumpkin. Halloween has always been a magical time for me. My guinea pigs would eat this quilt if I left it on the ground for a week."



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Water Sprite
© Sharon May

Sharon wants all her quilts to provide an atmosphere of security, caring, comfort, and contentment.

Sharon says:

"I made this quilt after spending some time with my youngest niece and remembering how enthralling fairies and other mystical beings are to young girls."

Until you send me a picture of your magical quilt
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that's the end of the Gallery stroll.

I hope to see your quilt here soon!

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