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Atlantis: An Ancient Message
© Barbara Olson

Barbara lectures and offers workshops internationally and nationally. Her work has won many awards and appeared in numerous books, magazines, and exhibitions. "Atlantis" was winner of the Visions of Tomorrow category of the Millennium Quilt Contest: A Quilt for the Year 2000, prize sponsored by E.E. Schenck/Maywood Studios.







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Virgilia in the Forest
© Eileen Doughty

Eileen has over twelve years of experience creating custom, heirloom quilts and fabric art. Her specialty is creating pictorial quilts.

Eileen says:

"The fabric leaves are all traced from actual leaves I've found on my walks in nearby parks. . . . There is something of all seasons represented in this piece."




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Rotational Displacement
© Valerie S. Goodwin

Valerie is an architect and college professor whose quilts have appeared in many exhibitions and shows.

Valerie says:

"The notion of finding common ground between the discipline of textile arts and architecture is something that I am very passionate about."






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King of the Hill
© Connie Maria Plieger

Connie makes and sells gorgeous quilted paintings and unique fantasy sculptures.

Connie says:

"This old tree seems to be saying, 'I may have fewer leaves than I used to, but see how they shine!'"








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Three of Cups
© Connie Maria Plieger

Connie contributed three pieces, of which this quilt is one, to a project that created an entire Tarot deck in quilts.

Connie says:

"There is something about the bursting forth of fresh green growth from what appears to be dead, dry wood for a good half of the year (where I live), followed by blossoms, then fruit, that exemplifies, for me, the celebration of fruitful abundance associated with the Three of Cups. The image did not appear to me full-blown, but took shape as I sketched. It seemed almost to draw itself. I felt lucky and smiled-upon; this critter just wanted to be."







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Snail's Trail on Grandfather Mountain
© Glenda Alexander

Glenda dyes her quilts with earth from places where she has taken long walks. She rubs earth directly into muslin, right there on the walking trails. Later, at home, she treats the fabric to clean it and fix the color.

Glenda says:

"This quilt is dyed with earth from Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The pattern of the quilting stitches was improvised to include a record of place—lightning bolts suggested by warning signs on the mountain peak, spirals like the large brown snails on the path, wandering lines like the trails they leave."





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